Marina B. introduces the New Soleil Collection. "The Sun Always Returns"
New York, October 2020: Forty years after founder Marina Bulgari launched the Sun collection, Guy Bedarida, Marina B.'s creative director, imagines a fresh way to shine in the famous Italian jewelry introducing the new Soleil collection. 
Serendipitously timed when we could all use some sun in our lives, this new collection arrives to brighten up spirits with its double entendre meaning. For Southern Italy and Sicily, the sun plays a vital role in the culture,
especially along the Mediterranean coast. Eternal optimism is a way of life. It stems from the belief
that after the darkness of a storm comes the sun.

Everywhere you look at the Italian seaside, you see the symbol of the smiling sun. Suns appear as a figure in the popular Briscola card game where the most important card is the Sette Bello, a card with seven lucky gold signs of the sun. Traditionally this is a game played in summer when good times roll like the wind, and the mood is light and happy.

Furthering this image of happy times in the Mediterranean paradise is Sophia Loren. Picture the legendary actress singing "Mambo Italiano" at a seaside ristorante on a sultry summer evening. As the sun sets, you can almost see the Soleil dangling from her ears, neck, and wrists. Loren's beauty and magnetic energy aptly personify the Soleil collection.

The inspiration

The inspiration came to Bedarida when he acquired vintage pieces of the original Marina B. collection in 2019 at prestigious auction houses such as Christie's and Sotheby's. "I was instinctively drawn to this collection, which intrigued me for its beauty and meaning."   The original collection consisted of about ten pieces after Marina left Bulgari. While at her family's jewelry company, she worked with the jewelers to design jewelry made from ancient coins. When she started Marina B.,
the concept was revamped, and the coins became smiling suns with an antique touch. The new Soleil 18-piece collection starts with this idea and moves it forward to 2020. The grinning planets come in either silver wrapped in gold as on a Sautoir necklace or drop-style earrings. The Tubogas motif of Trisolina joins the Soleil collection with the motif edged in diamonds on a bracelet or dangling pendants along with a choker style.

The collection

The collection was in the works when the pandemic struck, and "the darkness" settled in. Quickly the importance of this au courant message of hope that the world wanted to hear took on new meaning for the Soleil collection. The collection serves to lift one's mood and remind us that things always get better. But also key to this collection is its inclusive price points. "I want to open the new Marina B. conversation to everyone,' said Bedarida.

Starting at $1,600 for a silver pendent trimmed in 18K gold and mini pavé diamonds to a solid 18K gold pendant at $2,800, this is high jewelry meant for everyday wear. The ease of the collection aligned with the current mood of at-home understated dressing. "People still want beautiful bold pieces that make an impression and statement but are easy enough to wear every day," explains the designer. Which isn’t to say the collection lacks drama as some of the Tubogas inspired pieces reach five figures and upwards.

"This is a happy collection designed to bring joy," he asserts. The collection is available starting in December on Marina B. and select retailers worldwide. 

About Marina B.

Originally founded in 1976 by Marina Bulgari who left her family’s business to create her own jewelry collection, which was equally rich, opulent and contemporary. Marina B’s modern vision and creative excellence inspired a first generation of women purchasing jewels for themselves. In 2017 Guy Bedarida acquired the brand. As owner and creative director, he is reintroducing a new generation of independent and strong women with beautiful collections that continue to embrace Marina’s innovative aesthetic.

His Marina B. designs have been embraced by celebrities such as Beyoncè and TK. The collection is well-loved by Instagram influencers, Nina Garcia, Katerina Perez, Vivian Becker, Jewelygurl aka Anne Marie Stanton, Champagne Gem aka Bebe Bakhshi and Thediamondsgirl aka Tracey Ellison. The collection has been featured in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Departures and National Jeweler. The collection is available at North American retailers Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Betteridge and Mitchell’s Jewelry and E-commerce sites Moda Operandi and Net-A-Porter.

Marina B.’s global presence is evident with press in Prestige magazine and Tatler Indonesia and Solitaire Singapore. The collection is sold at Asia Jewelers in TK and Suen in Kuala Lumpur and on Pramera TK which links to Farfetch.

Soleil by Marina B

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