Trisola Collection

Trisola embodies quintessential Italian jewelry, featuring the iconic Tubogas. The dynamic three-dimensional form crafted in 18K Gold, wraps fluidly around the wrists and fingers, accented with tips of diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires. Made exclusively by hand in the unique Marina B cut, the highly engineered internal spring mechanism allows for increased flexibility, whilst ensuring sublime finishes. This assertive collection is a true representation of the powerful personality of the Marina B brand.


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Trisolina Collection

Using Trisola as inspiration, new Creative Director Guy Bedarida uses his distinctive handwriting to create an unequivocally forward looking first collection, Trisolina. Hand-made in Italy in 18K gold and diamonds, Trisolina marks the evolution of the Marina B brand.

Dynamic silhouettes create a sense of movement across the body, framing features and highlighting curves in a sensual harmony. Innovation meets traditional craftsmanship in the creation of fluid internal springs, in clean and lithe titanium finishes. Bedarida introduces chokers, a reference to the very best from the Marina B archives; continuous uncompromising modern luxury. This alluring collection is the epitome of life in jewels.

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La Casa Collection

La Casa Marina B is a captivating new décor and lifestyle collection showcasing innovation and master craftsmanship. These new additions embody the beautiful language of precision-cut stones and precious gems. La Casa uses Crystal, Muzo Emeralds, and luxury materials, such as Vermeil, Sterling silver and Pietra Dura deriving from the Italian tradition at “Opificio Delle Pietre Dure” museum in Florence.

“La Casa”, meaning home in Italian, was a natural progression for Creative Director Guy Bedarida drawing on the heritage of Marina Bulgari who first introduced her La Casa collection in the 1980s.

Drawing on Guy’s background of French and Italian heritage he has long studied and admired the art history of the Florentine Renaissance. Studying the great masters and their techniques is a deep and authentic source of inspiration. We now introduce a beautiful luxury collection combining Ms. Bulgari’s esthetics and the beauty of the Renaissance masters.

Now more than ever people are spending considerable time in their homes with family and friends.  This was the perfect time to introduce “La Casa” Marina B bringing beauty to everyday life.

Come and explore the elegant decorative objects, giftable, candles, and enrich the beauty of your home where past meets present, and ancient meets modernity.

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