Stone of the Month

MARINA’S VAULT: A stone / A month

For the first time, Marina B invites you to journey into our jewelry box. Each month, Guy Bedarida – known for his deep knowledge of gemstones and affinity with color, will release a gem from the Marina B vault.

The result of a peripatetic life, the collection spans opposite corners of the Earth. Every stone comes with its own story and has been selected on the basis of extraordinary hue, unusual inclusions, prized lapidary and exceptional light return. The gemstone is a natural phenomenon - subjected to the Earth’s geological formation over millions of years, no two are the same. As such, Bedarida regards each stone as a singular and powerful expression of individuality.

On its release, the gemstone will be available for one client to purchase and have it set in a design of their choice. Following the purchase, we invite the client to the Marina B salon to meet with the designer for a private design consultation. Following the selection of a final design, Marina B artisans will transform the sketches into a reality within 8 to 12 weeks. Please note the final design quote will be subject to individual design requests.

‘Marina’s Vault’ is the purest expression of Marina B’s dedication to - and love for the absolute exclusive.