MarinaB Overnight Relaxation MarinaB Overnight Relaxation

MarinaB Overnight Relaxation

MarinaB Overnight Relaxation MarinaB Overnight Relaxation

Marina B was Born from the adventurous and ambitious spirit of Marina Bulgari. Bulgari is widely regarded as one of the most important women in jewellery design in the 20th century. She left her family’s famed Maison in 1976 to launch her brand. Determined and able to make her own name whilst honouring her family’s nurtured passion and talented heritage, Bulgari’s unique style became world-renown for its boldness and timelessness. Rich and opulent yet very contemporary, Marina invented her own gemstone cuts in addition to reinventing many others. She successfully opened her first showroom in Geneva in 1978, which led to boutiques in Milan, Paris and New York and a worldwide clientele. Marina B’s modern vision and creative excellence inspired a first generation of women purchasing jewels for themselves.

In its present day, creative director Guy Bedarida brings the brand into the right now, with beautifully fitting collections that continue to embrace Bulgari’s innovative aesthetic. “The cultural landscape of my childhood is my greatest inspiration”, says Bedarida.

Bedarida, a French-Italian native, is a leading figure in contemporary jewellery with over 25 years of experience. Under his direction, Marina B’s rich design heritage and reputation of impeccable workmanship is honoured as much as further expanded, so that a new generation of Marina B’s cherished clients can ‘shine bright and be brilliant’.


The Collections Trisola embodies quintessential Italian jewellery, supplement featuring the Tubogas. The dynamic three- dimensional form crafted in 18K Gold, wraps fluidly around the wrists and fingers, accented with tips of diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires. Made exclusively by hand in the unique Marina B cut, the highly engineered internal spring mechanism allows for increased flexibility, whilst ensuring sublime finishes. This assertive collection is a true representation of the powerful personality of the Marina B brand and made in Italy. 





Using Trisola as inspiration, Bedarida developed his distinctive handwriting to create an unequivocally forward-looking first collection, Trisolina. Hand-made in Italy in 18K gold and diamonds, Trisolina sensual feel comfortable, feminine, Trisolina is designed for the 21st century and marks the evolution of the Marina B brand. Bedarida introduces chokers, a reference to the very best from the Marina B archives; continuous uncompromising modern luxury. This alluring collection is the epitome of life in jewels.


Marina B’s collection perfectly blends classic and unconventional creating stunning, bold pieces. First created in the 70s for Elizabeth Taylor Pampille earrings all in diamond did it’s a debut at the Academy Awards with the star. The new titanium pampilles earrings with natural turquoises is a modern interpretation of Bedarida.


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