The collaboration between Marina B and Muzo emerald Colombia is sympatric with beliefs and practices of sustainable responsibility. The mission of Guy Bedarida creative director of Marina B is to build upon the designs of Marina Bulgari’s most iconic collections and her legacy. Marina Bulgari has long been considered one of the most important women jewelry designers of the 20th century.

Guy with an eye to using rare gems and materials of the highest quality works with companies that believe in responsible mining, Muzo emerald Colombia was the natural partner with the same beliefs and practices. Muzo emeralds are among the most respected in the world, they are never exposed to aggressive toxic substances when mined.

Muzo Emerald Colombia supports women in the workplace. Women have long been excluded from the patriarchal system but now they play an active role in the life of the mines through direct and indirect job opportunities.

Guy throughout his 25-year career has always supported the promotion of women in the jewelry industry. The collections that Guy has introduced with Muzo emeralds have been and continue to be among our bestselling collections, customers continue to request more one of a kind designs using Muzo emeralds. Along with Jewelry Guy has also recently introduced a beautiful collection “LA CASA” of one of a kind home objects using Muzo emeralds.